welkom te koetaradjaBanda Aceh is a city with an eventful history. Present-day visitors can, for example, still see traces of the devastating 2004 tsunami.
Less known, but equally shocking, are the traces of the war between the Netherlands and Aceh that lasted decades. Although this Aceh War (1873-1914) has all but disappeared from history books in both Indonesia and the Netherlands, it is still the largest, bloodiest war in Dutch colonial history, claiming an estimated 100,000 lives.

‘The Remains of Koetaradja’ is a beautiful audio tour that tells the story of this war and shows you what’s left of the Dutch in Banda Aceh – or Koetaradja, as the city used to be called in the colonial days.
The tour is fully narrated in English, accompanied by old school colonial music, and illustrated with many unique pictures and eye-witness reports.
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The tour takes about two to three hours and is available as a free download for Android smartphones (click the download link on the bottom of this page or search for ‘The Remains of Koetaradja’ in the Google Play Store).kratonlaan2
If you don’t have an Indonesian telephone plan, please download the tour beforehand using WiFi, and make sure to open it at least once in order for all the content to be downloaded (Note: the app is available in English, Indonesian and Dutch. Please make sure you download the correct version).

Because of the hot climate, doing the tour by foot is not an option.
Theoretically it is possible to hire a taxi or motortaxi (becak) yourself and instruct the driver using the pictures and maps that are available in the tour.
If you want to spare yourself the potential frustration of getting lost, please let us take care of your transportation. We can arrange a car or motortaxi with a knowledgeable driver at attractive rates. Additionaly, if you want to get behind the steering wheel yourself, we can arrange your very own rental bike or motorbike.
If you do not own an Android smartphone, we would be happy to lend you one. Alternatively, you can just skip the whole phone thing and hire one of our excellent, English-speaking guides to show you the remains of Koetaradja (also recommended if you want to visit other places in and around Banda Aceh).

Contact us on our contact page. We will get back to you within 24 hours!