AntonI am a Dutch journalist and writer. While living in Banda Aceh in 2013 and 2014 I became intrigued by the fact that so much happened here during the colonial times that so few people nowadays seem to know about.

Many buildings from the old days have been demolished or were destroyed by the 2004 tsunami. It became something like a sport to try and find as many remaining colonial buildings as possible. My search has led me to beautiful places, and allowed me to meet all kinds of interesting people.

This tour is a testimony of the wonderful time I had exploring Banda Aceh. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Without the help of Annemarie Samuels, Raudhatul Janna, Nick Thornton, Robbert Jan Nix, Salya Rusdi, Manu Zantkuijl and a whole lot of other people this tour would never have been possible. Thank you!

Anton Stolwijk



The Remains of Koetaradja is a free audio tour. If you enjoyed it, please consider making a donation to the Stichting Peutjut Fonds. This is a non-profit organization that looks after the Dutch graveyard in Banda Aceh. Check out their website below (in Dutch):